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Family Involvement

Parents are not considered spectators, but rather they are active participants in the daily life of our school. From informal conversations with teachers at drop off in the morning to taking time to read the daily reflections before picking up children, parents are eager to know about and contribute to their child’s learning experiences and teachers are excited to share and generate new ideas together. In addition, many classroom and centerwide events are planned annually to build relationships and encourage participation at all levels of the school. From planning special surprises for the children at our Lyman graduation, to making access to Harvard’s many museums and resources possible, parents help to enrich the children’s learning experiences. Additionally and very importantly, RCCC parents are advocates of early childhood education and care on campus and are integral to our Center’s strength and vibrancy. 


Parents and grandparents are welcome throughout the day and are encouraged to share family stories, traditions and recipes. We believe that storytelling is an important part of a child’s developing identity and serves to help every child feel secure knowing they are part of a family with a long history and treasured traditions. The children and teachers benefit when parents share their expertise, language and culture. Whether it is a parent reading a story to a class of toddlers in the family’s heart language or a movie producer parent helping our Lyman class add sound to their stop motion films, RCCC is a place that gives value to our differences and those things that are universal.


RCCC benefits from a vibrant Parent-Teacher Council with both teacher and parent representatives from every classroom serving as representatives for the community in partnership with the Center’s director, assistant director and our CCC board representative. The Council is committed to promoting centerwide connections and establishing centerwide strategic priorities to steward RCCC’s mission and legacy. The Council meets approximately 6- 8 times annually and works in partnership with the Center’s Room Parents to welcome new families and host community events such as our Classroom Meet and Greet in the fall and centerwide potlucks to nurture relationships among all members of our community. 


“One completely unexpected benefit to staying at Radcliffe for 5 years are the relationships we’ve built with some of the other parents. We leave the school in the evening… and sometimes spend whole weekends and even vacations together. We’re not sure what is the magic of Radcliffe, but it seems to attract kind, funny, smart and interesting people.”

—Parent from Lyman (Pre-K)

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