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Meet Our Classrooms

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Our Infant classroom is home to seven babies as young as 3 months old when they begin. Partnership with parents is a priority, as it allows continuity of care and experiences for the children. The children quickly develop relationships with their teachers and with each other as they are tenderly loved and cared for and as they explore their thoughtfully prepared classroom environment each day. Stories, songs, and cuddles are a natural part of the babies’ daily routines. From a child’s first gesture to connect with a classmate to first steps, our Infant room nurtures every unique child’s development and celebrates the miraculous growth of a child’s first year. 


“We’ve had a lot of fears and anxiety sending a barely 6-month-old baby to childcare… But we’re both full-time working parents so there was no other way… The day-to-day reality at the Infant Room quickly changed our perspective. Infant room for us was the process of learning how to be a mom and a dad, guided by the teachers who were both mentors and dear friends in the moments of emotional ups and downs that are common for first-time parents. Our memories from this time at school are very precious, many moments we’ll never forget.”


—Infant Family

Toddler 1

Toddler 1

Toddler One is home to eight children who are between twelve and twenty-four months old in September. The children in Toddler One are at the stage in development where the knowledge of caring and empathy emerge with their rapid emotional development. The children use cues from their peers, teachers, and the environment to form strong connections with each other through play, observation, and communication. We are all partners in learning and gain insight from each other as we form supportive caring relationships. We foster the children’s growing autonomy,  encouraging their ever-developing skills always balanced with the nurturing they need.


“The patience and dedication of teachers with this age group is remarkable, as we know young toddlers are all about testing and learning to deal with their emotions and needs and how to express their feelings. Both of our kids had such warm, loving, and dedicated teachers in Toddler One and we are thankful for all that was shared with them that allowed and encouraged them to become the confident, caring, and engaged children they are.”


—- A Toddler One parent

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Todder 2
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Toddler 2

Toddler Two is the home to nine older toddlers, who begin in the fall at two years old. It is our belief that children have “A Hundred Languages...a hundred ways to listen, communicate, and explore.” They use their minds and bodies to express and interpret the world with endless possibilities. We provide children with materials and experiences that support this idea of endless possibility and wonder. They explore concepts that are meaningful to them; they solve complex problems and build relationships that endure. We believe education is based on relationships. Teachers and children learn and research alongside each other in our classroom. We take the time to listen and invest in the interests that emerge from our children. 


We feel great that our son spends his days in an environment structured so thoughtfully around the needs of young children. We love that each day is so well-paced. Teachers provide structure and routine but also spontaneity. They value outside time as much as we do, and go to great lengths to make sure the kids have lots of time outdoors. Our son gets to jump in leaf piles through the autumn, test his stamina knee-deep in the snow on winter days, collect dandelions by the river as spring awakens, and splash in neighborhood splash pads on hot summer days. His needs are met throughout the day, so when we pick him up he is always in a good mood and ready for our family's routines. This is such a gift!”


—---Parent in Toddler Two



Our Preschool room has fifteen children who begin the fall around three years old. In the preschool age, the children are mastering an increasingly complex social world, with a focus on understanding oneself, and the people around them. Cooperative play and role taking are experienced throughout the classroom and the outdoor experience as children practice conversation, negotiation and compromise. Learning is rooted in the children’s interests, our daily explorations, and the stories shared. A rich environment allows children to express their ideas and offers opportunities to refine their theories.


“My child always felt emotionally safe and loved. The teachers helped him to be part of the community even though he didn't speak English. They followed my child's needs and pace so he had time to adjust. In preschool, he discovered the beauty of conversations and he became confident in expressing his thoughts.”


—-A preschool parent

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The Lyman class is our Pre-K program, named after one of our founders. The fifteen children in Lyman actively explore our community and extend their learning through their use of a rich variety of materials. Children are natural researchers  inside and outside of the classroom and they actively build bridges between their daily experiences, literature and their ongoing  investigations.  Learning is built through small-group work, dialogue and collaboration. Children’s understanding of  literacy and numeracy skills grows through exploration and cultivating a love for learning. Through research and investigation, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other and the world around us.


“The Lyman experience is completely inspired by the children's interests, imagination, and innate capability for learning and exploration. We saw this clearly as our son spent two years in Lyman and each year was unique in the programming, units, and style, and he continued to grow and thrive. He was completely prepared for Kindergarten, nurtured and supported along the way. He got to have this first "school experience" in a way that set the bar for the rest of his education.”

–Parent of a Lyman Graduate